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This blog page is to keep everyone up to date with the hectic life of shapeandscapeltd!

The giant hills and the red dirt of Yarley Moto Parc was augusts project, the owner Nigel Meredith being one of the biggest motocross fans we've ever met we were even more keen to leave him something special. It's always cool when you’re working on a circuit that has a long history in the UK, we were happy with the end result and we left nige with a smile too so we were pumped with that one.

Foreshore MX

Next we headed into south wales a project for Foreshore MX. This project gives kids a chance to earn an NVQ and a taste for mx and mechanics. Their circuit was in need of a full destone using our Lloyde bucket and a revamp that included reversing the circuit. While Josh was busy with the screening, Jonny loaded up and headed off to ex gp mx legend Mark Jones. Now known as one of the country's best mx coaches, he asked us to build him a circuit to teach his youths on! The main focus was on the smaller bikes we managed to fit a fun little track that had a few different options for his coaching.

Go Race MXC

From there we hauled up into the mountains just above Swansea for a prep job on Felindre for Go Race MXC. The circuit had a fun layout but was suffering from erosion being on the side of a mountain. We spent two days pushing all the material back on and up the hills - it really did surprise us how good it came out.

From there Jonny joined back up with Josh to finish off the Foreshore project. Poor Josh spent nearly 3 weeks screening soil - he's proved his worth to the firm this summer that's for sure!

Wilden MX

Next up was Tom Arnold of Wilden MX. With little time on this project we aimed to give him more of a flowing circuit and a new start we would have liked to have had more time on this little sandy circuit it definitely has potential!

Begin Off Road

Shropshire was next up to add some infrastructure and some drainage to the ever growing Begin Off Road. Rain hampered this week - it's never nice leaving a site sealed up after a wet week but not long after we left, the River Severn burst its banks and flooded the site. But within 12 hours the water levels dropped proving the drainage worked and James could run a session!

Fraddon Moto Park

So from there we headed back to Cornwall to spend a few days on Fraddon Moto Park. Owner Debbie had a busy summer and the track were in need of a little loving. Both Fraddon and Mitchell MX had good push round with the dozer and added some more drainage at Fraddon.

Weston Beach Race 2019

This brings us to Weston Beach Race 2019. From a sunken trailer to high tides washing the circuit away, the Bristol Channel threw it all at us this year. But we all dug deep and the team of 6 managed to pull the build off 20 minutes before the main race on Saturday. It was one of the hardest jobs we’ve completed to date and we’re pretty confident that we can overcome any challenges in front of us now!

Well that's the past 3 months - we hope it gives you a good insight into our crazy road show and we will look forward to another blog in 3 months time.