Our goal is always to deliver a fun circuit that fits into it's natural landscape, so whether it's a back yard pump track or national supercross track we treat each track build with the same goals.

MX track design – the complete package

Skill levels, jumps and berms, the size and shape of the landscape – every track is different, which is why we’ll take all this into consideration when designing a motocross track. In the past we’ve delivered:

  • A motocross track facility that caters for all types of rider - technical enough for the experienced but safe enough for beginners.
  • Fun, flowing non-technical MX track for use by the whole family.
  • Motocross tracks designed to reduce noise levels.

But mx track design isn’t just about the track, which is why our motocross tracks are always designed with the following in mind:

  • Access roads
  • Car parking
  • Proper drainage to maximise riding time and minimise maintenance
  • Space around the track for emergency and maintenance vehicles
  • Great viewing areas

We always deliver the complete mx track design package, so nothing is left to chance.

Shaping and scaping – motocross track construction

What makes the perfect MX tracks? Good dirt and a great landscape. It’s rare to get them together, which is why a site survey is so important. As well as helping with the MX track design, we look at the soil composition and irrigation, telling us what we need to do and what equipment we need.

If the quality of the dirt is bad, we’ll fix it. Soil screening, destoning - whatever it takes to produce decent material for the track construction.

And track preparation can change depending on the moisture in the ground, the weather forecast, the nature of the dirt and even the time of year. We’ve years of experience as motocross track builders, so we’ll always get it done right.

Ongoing MX track maintenance for your peace of mind

We put our heart and soul into every single motocross track. It’s why we are happy to be on call 24/7 to keep your track in tip-top condition. If you need tweaks, track grading, jump shaping or soil screening, remember we’re just a phone call away.